Steve Oliver

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Jun 202011

Steve Oliver – Fun in the sun

Steve Oliver – Global Kiss

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Blake Aaron

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Jun 132011

Blake Aaron – Encantadora

Blake Aaron – One Moment With You

Blake Aaron – So In Love

Blake Aaron – Short Sweet and Sexy

Blake Aaron – She’s So Fine

Blake Aaron – Bumpin’ On The Wes Side

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Vincent Ingala

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Jun 032011

Vincent Ingala – It Is What It Is – Newport Beach Jazz Festival

Peter White & Vincent Ingala – Midnight In Manhattan

Vincent Ingala – Live At Toad’s Place – Soulful Strut

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Jun 032011

Airborne – Back in the Dayz

Airborne – Back in the Dayz – Live Jazz – Contemporary Jazz – Funk – April 2011

Airborne – Calypso Night – 2013 – Live@Home

Airborne – Lizard Island – Live – April 2011

Airborne – Festival at Sunset – Live 2010

Airborne – Just the Way I Feel – Live 2003 – Contemporay Jazz – Jazz Funk

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May 302011


Fourplay – Cinnamon Sugar

Fourplay – East 2 West

Fourplay – Bali Run

Fourplay – Bali Run ”Tokyo Jazz 2008″ (Live)

Fourplay – Fields of Gold

Fourplay – 101 EastBound

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Ray Parker Jr

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May 192011

Ray Parker Jr – Mismaloya Beach

Ray Parker Jr,Brian Culbertson – Mismaloya Beach

Ray Parker, Jr. – Still in the Groove

Ray Parker, Jr.-Ghostbusters (Soundtrack)

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Apr 282011

Hiroshima – Island World

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Lee Ritenour

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Apr 142011

Lee Ritenour – Night Rhythms

Lee Ritenour – Papa was a Rolling Stone

lee ritenour- is it you

Lee Ritenour & Bob James – Westchester Lady

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Larry Carlton

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Apr 142011

Larry Carlton – Bubble Shuffle (Live)

Larry Carlton & Lee Ritenour – Room 335 (Live)

Larry Carlton – I’ll Be Around

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Dave Grusin

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Apr 142011

David Sanborn,Dave Grusin – Jo Ann’s Song

Dave Grusin – Mountain Dance (Live)

Dave Grusin – Bossa Baroque

Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin – Smoke ‘n’ mirrors

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